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MAGMA - E-beam Thermal Evaporation System

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MAGMA provides customer with a high quality & reliable thin film deposition.
It also offers low risk manufacturing solutions, high profit via high productivity to customer.


  • Mainly, IR cut off filter for mobile phone & digital camera, Anti-Reflector for glass and color filter, beam splitter, half-mirrors, decorative coatings, high reflectance coatings, single / multi-layer thin film, conductive metal coatings
    - Au, AI, Ni, Ti, semiconductor - MMIC, HIC for researching and development


  • RF ion-beam assist for superior quality of deposition
  • Twin e-beam source for high productivity
  • Easy-to-maintain design of planetary motion substrate holder
  • Specially designed uniformity mask technology
  • System is tested under industry conditions for trouble-free,
    long term operation