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OZONE - Hot Wire(Catalytic) Chemical Vapor Deposition

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OZONE has been used to deposit high quality of poly & amorphous silicon film at low substrate temperature. It offers a low risk manufacturing solution, high profit via high productivity to customer.


  • Mainly, Poly silicon films for flat panel display, amorphous silicon solar cells, diamond like carbon coating, carbon nano tube growth, AM-OLED


  • Unique gas shower head design for film uniformity
  • Designed for large area deposition
  • High process productivity
  • Filament design for long life & easy maintenance


  • 1 process chamber
  • 1 load lock chamber with standard wafer magazines
  • Linear sample transfer
  • Substrate dimensions up to 370mm x 400mm
  • Substrate heating max. 1,000°C
  • Turbo molecular pump of high-vacuum pumping
  • Auto pressure control with throttle valve
  • Gas delivery module with mass flow controller
  • Manual / PC, PLC control including Windows user interface for fully automatic process control