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OZONE - Inductively Coupled Plasma Etcher

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OZONE has been used to perform high speed etching for GaAs, GaN, Si deep trench. It offers a low risk manufacturing solution, high profit via high productivity to customer.


  • Anisotropic etching of all type of silicon based film, etching of GaAs, GaN, Inp and other compound semiconductor material, fabrication of micromachines, etching of metal films.


  • High & uniform density ICP plasma
  • Active wafer temperature control (He backside cooling)
  • High process productivity
  • Recipe storage and data logging


  • 1 process chamber
  • 1 load lock chamber with standard wafer magazines
  • Robot arm transfer module
  • Electrostatic wafer clamping with He backside cooling
  • High density plasma source
  • RF generator & 13.56MHz auto matcher for ICP source&substrate bias
  • Turbo molecular pump of high-vacuum pumping
  • Auto pressure control with throttle valve
  • Gas delivery module with mass flow controller
  • Manual / PC, PLC control including Windows user interface
    for fully automatic process control