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AURORA - Magnetron Sputtering System

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AURORA provides customer with a high quality & reliable thin film deposition. Magnetron sputtering sources are specially designed for maximum erosion rate.
AURORA offers a low risk manufacturing solution.


  • Dielectric layers(High K) and conductive electrodes for transistor gate and memory cell, passivation and diffusion barrier, seed layers(metal liners) and conductive layers for IC interconnection


  • DC, reactive, RF-sputtering system
  • Cathodes are DC / RF compatible
  • Optimized magnetron source design for a high target utilization
  • Substrate pretreatment by means of heating
  • Simple & compact system design for small footprint
  • User friendly control system


  • 1 process chamber system
  • 1 load lock chambers with standard wafer magazines
  • Linear sample transfer
  • Substrate dimensions up to 8"
  • Substrate heating max. 900 °C
  • Turbo molecular pump of high-vacuum pumping
  • Booster & oil rotary combination pump of low-vacuum pumping system
  • Auto pressure control with throttle valve
  • Circular or rectangular type of sputter source
  • Sputter power DC 300~3000W, RF generator 600W~3000W
    with 13.56MHz auto matching box
  • Gas delivery module with mass flow controller
  • Manual / PC, PLC control including Windows user interface
    for fully automatic process control