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OZONE - Plasma Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition

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OZONE delivers monolayer precision, critical for leading edge deposition. It offers a cutting edge solution.


  • Dielectric layers(High K) and conductive electrodes for transistor gate and memory cell, passivation and diffusion barrier, seed layers(metal liners) and conductive layers for IC interconnection


  • In-situ cleaning
  • Impurity, pin hole free film deposition
  • Excellent step coverage
  • Dense, homogene, uniform, stoichiometric films
  • Uniquely designed shower head and reactor for gas phase
    reaction free


  • Al6061-T6 chamber system
  • Reactor for up to 300mm single wafer deposition
  • Rotary vane pump & booster pump of low vacuum pumping systems
  • Up stream or down stream auto pressure control
  • Particle trap heating up to 600 °C
  • Plasma source and 13.56MHz auto matching box
  • 1 purge gas line, 3 reactive gas line and 3 organic liquid source line
  • IPC-control including Windows user interface for fully automatic process control